Successful young businessman and entrepreneur
Venezuelan based in New York

Leonardo Rafael Montbrun Alvarez, is a successful young Venezuelan entrepreneur based in New York. He currently directs and is the CEO of Montbrun Group, a modern financial group specialized in the automation of transactions through artificial intelligence and the digitalization of goods and services using state-of-the-art technology. He is also co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of TrustT and Shasta, two other companies with cutting edge technology in the FinTech area.


Leonardo was born and raised in Venezuela, in the city of La Guaira, in the State of Vargas, Venezuela. He is the son of Josefina Alvarez de Montbrun and Newton Montbrun. His parents have always been his best examples and mentors, supporting him and trusting in each one of his undertakings.

His interest in Karate comes when he sees a movie starred by the legendary Bruce Lee. It is then when his parents decide to take him to an academy that turned out to be very expensive for them. However, the instructors captured the great interest and passion of the child and that is how they grant him a scholarship. Leonardo obtained the black belt at the age of eleven. At that same age he traveled to Japan to a World Championship of the Shito Ryu Club, representing Venezuela internationally for the first time. Three years later, he won the title of Sub-World Champion of that specialty in Moscow, Russia. This first great triumph, was followed by trophies in international championships in Mexico, Spain and Japan (this country to which he returns to compete after eight years of that first time when he was eleven years old).

Karate became an essential part of his life. His parents assure that with this sport Leonardo forged his character, his honor and his discipline, values that he applies in his daily life and in each of his projects.


Leo was from a very young age a self-taught child and a very active entrepreneur. During his adolescence, his business sense was activated and his leadership strengthened. At just 14 years old, Leonardo and some friends acquired a lot of skateboards that they resold in record time, obtaining excellent monetary benefits.

Later, he started a business of buying and selling mobile phones, another very successful commercial activity for him. Soon after, he became Regional Sales Director of "Ultimate Cable", a company that was one of the pioneers in the commercialization in Venezuela of data cables for connection between cell phones and computers. Ten years later (2017), Leo would acquire 51% of the shares of this company, leading Ultimate Cable to enter the FinTech world, taking advantage of the technology already managed by the company, to create a multi-currency payment gateway involving the e-money and the cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the profits that he obtained as a result of his good financial management, he was able to found a travel agency (Viajes Montbrun & Asociados) in 2007, which he built from scratch, and with which he produced profits that surrounded, at the best moment of the company, the 4 million dollars in sales, thus becoming one of the most successful agencies in Venezuela.

With the advance of technology and the arrival of networks, Leonardo is interested and focuses on new digital trends. He moves to New York City with his family, and his intuition is again successful by investing in the nascent BitCoin and BlockChain technology. He continues with his digital activities advising and guiding clients and companies in business planning, innovation, product development, evaluation, growth and business consolidation.

Currently and since its foundation in 2017, he is the CEO of Montbrun Private Capital (MPC), an institution based in Singapore, specializing in financial services, and assets management, gold investments, company shares, bonds, securities and everything related to the RegTech and FinTech areas. At the end of 2018, Leonardo, through MPC, managed to make a commercial alliance with "Money Swap", one of the largest payment platforms in the world with more than 800 million users.

Leonardo is co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of TrustT (2018), a FinTech company that created this App which is in charge of the digitization of assets, starting in its first version with the digitalization of gold coins, which have a QR code printed that identifies them. The application allows users to have any quantity (kg) of digital gold in their phone, facilitating the purchase, sale, and payment interaction between users of the same platform. The custody of the mineral is certified in the free zone of Switzerland.

He is also Director, member of the Board of Trustees and co-founder next to the Catalan Alex Sicart Ramos, of Shasta (2018), a Marketplace based on Blockchain, which allows to request Fiat money, e-money and cryptocurrencies, as well as to make FinTech transactions between any company or person that is inside the platform.

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Is a financial application that allows the user to invest in gold, and within the digital environment it can be used to buy it, sell it, send it and receive it instantly, making use of the benefits and security provided by the Blockchain, electronic wallets and traceability of the transactions.

Eat In(App)

Eat in App instantly connects home cooks with starving eaters who are looking for a nearby place to eat with the quality that only homemade foods provide. This technology service connects people who want to share their own recipes with their guests and thus create new bonds of friendship through their traditional foods.


Shasta is a mobile app to make transfers in euros and dollars. You can send and request money quickly, instantly and securely to anyone who also has a Shasta account, without paying extra fees.


It is a 100% vegan, sustainable and organic clothing line that emerged as a personal project of Leonardo Montbrun and his wife Daniuska Sánchez. The goal is to help build a more conscious world about nature and sustainability, while people wear original pieces, comfortable and adapted to the new fashion trends.

Viajes Montbrun y Asociados

It is an international travel agency established for over a decade now, which has an extensive portfolio of customers/clients around the world.

One Natural Experts

A company which manufacture a vegan, natural and organic baby product line for the care of the baby's skin.

Montbrun Group

A group specialized in financial services.

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